Quality standards

When talking about quality standards, words like « strictness» and « conscientiousness» are of particular, even vital, importance in the food industry.

While still retaining their master chefs' know-how, for preparing its recipes Roberto SA has adopted the same quality control methods and organisation as the food industry.


Roberto SA is certified with the label FSSC 22000 since march 2012. The Foundation for Food Safety Certification is in charge of the quality standards for food manufacturers. This accreditation is approved each year by Bureau Veritas.
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Since March 2012, Roberto SA also holds ISF-International Food Standard certification.
For further information: http://www.ifs-certification.com

Since 2000, Roberto SA is certified according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standard. For further information, kindly consult the following website: http://www.haccp-guide.fr

In summary, this method involves the following production process controls:

  • Isolate points in the manufacturing process which could involve risks;
  • Analyse the risks;
  • Document and implement the measures to contain the risks;
  • Regular checks that the measures are applied and effective;
  • Keep the documentation on the above processes available for consultation at all times.

This approach enabled us to obtain certification according to European Export N° 326
For further information: http://www.bvet.admin.ch/index.html?lang=fr

At the same time we operate traceability tools for all ingredients used in our recipes, covering the suppliers through to the end-users.

By now you will certainly understand why we talk about the successful blend between master chef skills and industry standards at Roberto SA.